Attorney John S. Esposito Case Results

People v. W.R. (New York County)

Client was charged with 40 homicide related counts involving seven fatalities and numerous injuries in connection with a crane collapse in mid-town Manhattan. Mr. Esposito represented the defendant at a trial that spanned the course of two months. The prosecution called multiple expert witnesses and the case involved countless pages of discovery as well as numerous scientific, medical and investigative reports. After the lengthy trial, Client was acquitted of all charges.

People v. I.A. (New York County)

Client is an engineer indicted by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and charged with bribery of a commissioner of the New York City Department of Buildings. Although indicted for multiple felony charges, Mr. Esposito succeeded in obtaining a plea to one misdemeanor charge on behalf of his client. Rather than a jail or sentence of probation, defendant was sentenced to a conditional discharge that included community service.

People v. R.C. (New York County)

Client was charged with Driving While Intoxicated and related charges concerning allegations that he was sleeping at the wheel of his motor vehicle while stopped in a moving lane of a NYC highway. Client also refused a breathalyzer test. Client went to trial represented by Mr. Esposito and was acquitted of the charges.

People v. J.R. (New York County)

Client was the owner and operator of a construction company charged in an indictment brought by the Rackets Bureau of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. The multiple count indictment charged defendant with numerous felonies relating to accusations involving bid rigging, larceny and other violations of labor laws. The ultimate goal was to negotiate a favorable disposition that would allow defendant and company to maintain its business. Mr. Esposito successfully negotiated a disposition that resulted in all charges being dismissed against the defendant and the business allowed to continue its operations.

People v. L.S. (Kings County)

Client was charged with homicide for killing her new-born baby shortly after birth. Mr. Esposito represented defendant at trial and upon appeal. At trial defendant was convicted of a lesser charge and sentenced to the mandatory minimum five-year sentence. Mr. Esposito succeeded in having the Appellate Division allow the defendant to remain at liberty pending her appeal. On appeal the case against the defendant was dismissed and said dismissal affirmed when the New York State Court of Appeals denied the District Attorney’s motion for leave to appeal. (People v. L.S.)