Federal Criminal Defense Case Results

Attorney Deveraux Cannick

USA v. E.T. (SDNY)

The defendant was accused of being a co-conspirator in a major heroin operation. There was an extensive video surveillance of the alleged conduct and he along with two other individuals were arrested at the heroin den. He was charged with an offense that carried a mandatory minimum of 10 year’s incarceration. We were ultimately able to convince the Government to drop the mandatory minimum charges so that we could seek a sentence that did not involve a mandatory minimum sentence. Ultimately, we were able to obtain a sentence for our client to time served (which represented two-three days in jail).

USA v. K.T. (SDNY)

Our client was charged with Failure To Pay Child Support (2nd Offense). After conferencing the matter with the Government and conducting an intensive investigation we submitted an extensive Pre­-pleading Investigation Report to the Government asking for a Decline Prosecution (DP). The Government eventually agreed to our request and declined to prosecute the matter.

USA v. C.O. (WDNY)

Our client was arrested by the Federal authorities after conducting several narcotics transactions with a confidential informant. He was facing a mandatory minimum sentence. After negotiations, he was offered a non-mandatory sentence. At sentence, we were able to convince the Judge to sentence him to Time Served. The net result was that he only served three days in jail.

USA v. G.R. (SDNY)

Our client was charged with participating in a large-scale crack cocaine conspiracy. She was arrested and indicted with approximately a dozen other individuals. We negotiated a plea wherein our client was no longer facing a mandatory minimum sentence. After our sentencing submission and our arguments at the sentencing hearing she was sentenced to Time Served.