State Criminal Defense Case Results

Attorney Deveraux Cannick

People v. A.R. (Bronx County)

Our client and several other individuals were walking down the street. The police arrived and claimed to have seen our client with a gun in his waistband which they later claimed that he threw to the ground. Our client was arrested and charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon, a Class D felony. After a jury trial, he was found Not Guilty of the charges.

People v. A. E. (Kings County)

The police officers claimed to have seen our client chasing two men down the street. They alleged that our client was running after them with a loaded 40 caliber semi-automatic weapon in his hand. The officers further allege that they saw our client fire a shot at one of the individuals. The incident was caught on video surveillance. The police officers shot and injured our client and the gun was recovered. Our client was arrested and indicted for Attempted Murder, Criminal Possession of a Weapon and other related charges. The jury found our client Not Guilty of all charges.

People v. K.F. (Westchester County)

Our client and a friend chased an individual in an effort to retrieve a friend’s overcoat. Our client eventually caught up with the individual and held the door open for his friend. The friend grabbed the victim and began to pull him. The friend eventually took out a knife and stabbed the victim causing his death. Our client and his friend ran from the scene. The incident was captured on video surveillance showing our client wiping his hands. Our client was ultimately arrested and charged with Murder in the Second Degree and Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree under a acting in concert theory. After trial, our client was found Not Guilty.

People v. H.B. (New York County)

Our client who was a former Sergeant with the New York City Police Department, discharged his weapon in a social club. His companion was struck and injured by the discharged bullet. Our client was ultimately arrested and charged with Reckless Assault and Reckless Endangerment in the Second Degree. After thoroughly investigating the matter and conferencing the case with the District Attorney’s Office all charges against our client were dismissed.

People v. M.H. (Westchester County)

It was alleged that our client returned home after a night of drinking and could not find his house keys so he fired numerous shots into his apartment door. He was ultimately arrested and charged with Reckless Endangerment and Criminal Possession of a Weapon. After investigations and presenting a mitigating position our client was found guilty of a misdemeanor and sentenced to a Conditional Discharge.

People v. H.S. (Bronx County)

Our client was accused of playing with a handgun and it discharged killing his friend. Our client was arrested and charged with the death of his friend and Possession of a Weapon. We had him testify before the Grand Jury and all of the charges were dismissed.

People v. B.M. (Bronx County)

Our client was charged along with hundreds of other police officers as being involved in a ticket fixing scam. He was initially offered a plea necessitating him going to jail. We were retained on the eve of trial and negotiated a disposition of a non-incarceration disposition and a Conditional Discharge.

People v. J.O. (Nassau County)

Our client was a Principal at a local middle school. One of his students accused him of sexual assault. Our client was arrested, discharged from his position as Principal and indicted. We eventually relieved prior counsel and after investigation and submitting a mitigation report our client was offered a misdemeanor disposition and would not be registered as a sex offender.