Divorce & Family Law Case Results

  • Ms. Arditi represented the father in a child custody matter in Family Court. After two years of court proceedings and a lengthy trial, the Family Court awarded physical custody of a 5 year old child to the father despite the forensic evaluator’s recommendation of custody to the mother, citing the mother’s false claims of domestic violence against her and false claims of sexual abuse of the child by the father as being made to gain a tactical advantage in the custody dispute and finding the false claims to be a factor to be considered in weighing that mother’s parental judgment and willingness to act in the best interest of the child.

  • Ms. Arditi represented a father involved in a child custody battle. Despite the mother’s claim that she could provide a better lifestyle for the child, the Court awarded custody to the father finding that there was no indication that disrupting the child’s life would benefit the child’s best interest.

  • Ms. Arditi represented a mother charged with neglect of her child due to excessive corporal punishment. The Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) sought removal from the home. The Court released the child to the mother after a hearing finding that the child was not in imminent danger and any risk to the child could be mitigated by reasonable efforts to avoid removal, issuing a of a temporary order of protection.