How Long Does A Personal Injury Case Take?

Watch the following educational legal video by New York Personal Injury Lawyer Anthony Rattoballi as he explains how long a personal injury case usually takes in New York State.

Obviously, how long it takes to settle a case depends on several factors. For instance, it depends a lot on how many parties are involved. If it’s one person against another, or if it’s a two-car accident in which you were injured and you’re suing the other car, it’s not likely to take very long. On the other hand, if it’s a four-car accident and you’re suing the owners and/or drivers of four automobiles, your case will typically take longer. You have consider all of the necessary steps, so there’s really no way to estimate it accurately. Each case is made up of its own elements.

Here’s a brief outline. You file the lawsuit. The lawsuit gets answered. You provide a bill of particulars. Depositions are taken on both sides. An independent medical examination takes place. Then, you’re ready to go onto the trial calendar. Once you’re on the trial calendar, you can expect to wait six months to a year while your case passes a date set by the specific county where you brought the action and referred to as standards and goals. Courts don’t typically try cases until they reach their standards and goals.

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