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A Record of Ardent Civil Rights Litigation

The attorneys at Aiello & Cannick began their careers as prosecutors during New York City’s turbulent 1980s, a time that saw assassinations and assaults on public figures, high-profile mafia killings, attacks on police, and racially charged mob beatings and slayings.

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These attorneys came together in 1991 to form Aiello & Cannick, specializing in criminal defense at a time when the city’s law enforcement practices were changing. Under Mayors David Dinkins and Rudy Giuliani and Police Commissioners Ray Kelly and William Bratton the city did, undoubtedly, become safer, with the murder and crime rates dropping – but the safety of the collective has come at a cost to minorities, who face disproportionate arrest and incarceration, stop-and-frisk and other forms of excessive scrutiny, police brutality and excessive force, and other injuries and indignities. Now minority groups face not only the racially motivated violence that has long plagued the city (and the country), but also abuse from the authorities sworn to protect them.

The attorneys at Aiello & Cannick have been proud to be part of a firm that has taken a lead on civil rights litigation in New York for nearly 20 years. Founding partner Deveraux L. Cannick spearheaded firm’s expansion into civil rights litigation, including 1983 constitutional claims (for the deprivation of rights) and police brutality. His successes have included landmark civil rights cases:

  • In one of his first civil court jury trials, Deveraux won a $3.25 million dollar verdict for his client who claimed a police officer beat him up. It was one of the largest jury verdicts of its kind. This significant jury verdict was obtained despite an investigation by the Civilian Complaint Review Board which found our client’s claim unsubstantiated.
  • Deveraux was retained to represent Saikou Diallo, the father of Amadou Diallo. Police fired 41 rounds at the unarmed Diallo on February 4th, 1999; 19 struck him, and he died at the scene. Although the four police officers were ultimately acquitted of all charges, Deveraux successfully sued the City of New York and received the largest wrongful death settlement of its kind against the City of New York at that time. He also had the distinction of working with the attorney Johnny Cochran who represented Amadou Diallo’s mother.

Today, the law firm of Aiello & Cannick continues to serve the persecuted, abused, disenfranchised. We offer legal counsel on all types of civil rights concerns, and promise passionate litigation in the courtroom. Many of our civil rights cases concern:

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The attorneys at Aiello & Cannick can offer you legal expertise, courtroom experience, a reputation for success, and a dogged determination to fight for your justice. If you feel your civil rights have been violated, contact our office today to schedule a free consultation.

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