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Aiello & Cannick began in 1991 as a firm focusing on criminal defense. Former classmates at Fordham University School of Law, the founding partners of the firm spent eight years training in the District Attorneys’ offices in Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan before reuniting as a criminal defense team. In those early years, the firm quickly earned a reputation for handling high profile cases, representing clients including:

  • Peter Guagenti, the driver in the Amy Fisher case in Nassau County in 1992.
  • Patrick Bannon, who shot and killed three people including an off-duty housing police officer outside a nightclub on Bell Boulevard in Bayside, Queens in 1993.
  • Julio Rivera, who was charged with other in the abduction of Harvey Weinstein, the “Tuxedo King” of Queens County in 1995.
  • William Tager, who was charged with shooting a stage hand outside the NBC Today show studio in 1995 (and who in 1986 had assaulted Dan Rather).

Since then, the firm has handled landmark, precedent-setting cases, and helped hundreds of defendants protect their rights and in some cases even avoid life imprisonment or the death penalty.

The firm does not only deal in high-profile cases or violent felony charges. For over 30 years, the attorneys at Aiello & Cannick have handled all kinds of criminal defense at the State and Federal level, including:

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If you’re facing any kind of criminal charges – from DWI or shoplifting to murder or corruption – contact our office in Maspeth, Queens today. We’ll be happy to discuss the specifics of your situation in a free and confidential case review, and map out the first steps to building your defense.

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