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A DWI or other alcohol-related driving offense conviction can be financially burdensome, emotionally draining, damaging to friends and family relationships, and potentially jeopardous for your career. The penalties in New York State for alcohol-related driving offenses are as follows:

Charge: DWI (misdemeanor) DWAI (violation) CDL DWI (misdemeanor) Aggravated DWI (misdemeanor OR Class E felony) Under 21: “driving after having consumed alcohol”
For: BAC ≥ .08% BAC ≥ .05% ≤ .07% BAC ≥ .08% with CDL a.       BAC ≥ .18% BAC ≥ .02 ≤.05 and under 21 years of age
b.      child ≤ 15 in the car
Costs:         i.            $500-1,000 fine

ii.            Maximum 1 year in jail

iii.            Min. 6 months license revocation

        i.            $300-500

ii.            Max. 15 days in jail

        i.            $1,000

ii.            Max. 1 year in jail

iii.            1 year license revocation

        i.            $1,000-2,500 fine

ii.            Max. 1 year in jail, max. 4 with a child in the car

iii.            1 year license revocation

        i.            $125 civil penalty

ii.            6 month license suspension

iii.            $100 to terminate suspension

Aside from the penalties for these convictions, you could also face penalties for refusing a breathalyzer test. It does sometimes make sense, in a cost-benefit analysis, to refuse a breathalyzer: the absence of that evidence could mean the difference between an open-and-shut DWI and a plea deal for a DWAI. Note, though, that refusing the breathalyzer test will mean an automatic one-year suspension of your license and a $750 fine for the DMV’s “driver assessment” ($250/year for three years).

On top of these fines (and – don’t forget – potential prison sentences) you might need to undergo an alcohol evaluation and substance abuse counseling, and attend a seven-week Impaired Drivers’ Program. Note that a DWI cannot be “expunged” – it will be on your record forever, potentially affecting future employment, causing your insurance rates to go up, and preventing you from entering Canada.

To defend against a DWI or other alcohol-related driving offense charge, your attorney might challenge the prosecution’s evidence or version of events, demonstrate improper police behavior, or negotiate for reduced charges. The benefit of a DWAI, for example, is that it is a violation and not a misdemeanor, and should not affect future employment.

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