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Police brutality is once again in the spotlight. “Once again” is, unfortunately, the most salient part of the preceding sentence. Abuses of police power in the United States stretch back at least to mob acts perpetrated against late eighteenth century Loyalists whose only crime was lack of appetite for revolution. Today, far too many citizens, often innocent, unarmed, and predominantly of color, are subjected to police officers’ excessive use of force and poor judgment.

Police brutality is too often followed by false arrest and unlawful imprisonment, and this is followed in turn by malicious prosecution. Prosecution is “malicious” when it is brought without probable cause. In some cases, prosecutors and police have colluded to use malicious prosecution of a victim of police brutality to warp the narrative, silence the victim, and exonerate the irresponsible and abusive officer. In other cases, police falsely arrest and imprison a “likely” perpetrator of an unsolved crime, and prosecutors bring charges maliciously to pin guilt on that person when public pressure is mounting to find someone to blame. In still other cases, individuals will initiate malicious prosecution or initiate frivolous lawsuits in civil court to punish or coerce someone who cannot afford to defend themselves in such a trial.  At best, malicious prosecution means unneeded (and sometimes unbearable) expense. At worst, it can mean the imprisonment of innocent citizens.

Your rights, our business

Aiello & Cannick began in a period of civil unrest and conflict between civilians and law enforcement – the early 1990s – and within a few years matured into a firm at the forefront of the legal movement against police brutality and bias. Since then, Deveraux Cannick has led the firm through several landmark civil rights decisions centering on acts of police brutality.

  • In one of his first civil court jury trials, Deveraux won a $3.25 million dollar verdict for his client who claimed a police officer beat him up. It was one of the largest jury verdicts of its kind. This significant jury verdict was obtained despite an investigation by the Civilian Complaint Review Board which found our client’s claim unsubstantiated.
  • Deveraux was retained to represent Saikou Diallo, the father of Amadou Diallo. Police fired 41 rounds at the unarmed Diallo on February 4th, 1999; 19 struck him, and he died at the scene. Although the four police officers were ultimately acquitted of all charges, Deveraux successfully sued the City of New York and received the largest wrongful death settlement of its kind against the City of New York at that time. He also had the distinction of working with the attorney Johnny Cochran who represented Amadou Diallo’s mother.

While we, as attorneys, may not be able to bring back the dead, heal wounds, or repair the psychological damage done when a person suffers abuse at the hands of those licensed and sworn to protect, we can aggressively pursue justice and just compensation through civil suits.

Over 30 years of legal experience

For over 30 years, the attorneys at Aiello & Cannick have represented clients facing false or exaggerated domestic violence claims. With extensive knowledge of state and federal civil rights laws, and with the resources and cost-sensitivity to help all of our clients, our efforts have earned us a reputation for discretion, thoroughness, creativity, and hard work, evidenced by our catalog of victories both in and out of the courtroom.

If you’ve been the victim of police brutality, false arrest and unlawful imprisonment, or malicious prosecution, don’t delay. We can help you. Contact us today to set up a free case review and consultation in our Maspeth, Queens office. In the meantime, continue to explore the legal resources on our blog and videos pages.

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