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New York State Drug ChargesAre you facing harsh New York State drug charges? We’re currently facing a drug epidemic, and law enforcement is dedicating more and more resources to the fight at both the state and federal levels. At the state level, they go out and arrest low-level sellers – and they also arrest the people who are buying. Sometimes, the two go hand in hand because, if someone’s got a drug problem, chances are they’re supporting their own drug habit by selling. Whether you’re a user of cocaine or pills, or even marijuana – which has been decriminalized but can still get you charged with a crime – if you’re using drugs, chances are you’re probably selling too, and using the profit you’re making to support your habit. For example, you may know a guy who’s dealing the stuff, and you make a deal with him. He gives you a certain amount to sell, and you keep something for yourself.

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On the flip side, if you are caught with a small quantity of cocaine in your possession, that’s considered an A misdemeanor. That’s a misdemeanor offense, as opposed to a felony, and the most jail time you’d face for such an A misdemeanor is a year because of the big disparity between selling and possessing. Unfortunately, very often, people who are using are also selling and that’s where the law can be very unfair. One thing attorneys must do when representing someone who has been arrested for selling and/or possessing drugs is establish whether that person has a drug problem and is selling to support his own habit or if he’s someone in the business of selling drugs strictly to make money. It’s an important distinction that will guide the attorney’s handling of the case.

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Every case is different. Whether the charge is sale or possession of drugs, every case is different and each one requires an individual approach. A lot of what I’m trying to accomplish in talking with the prosecutor is to convey an understanding of my client and his background – the circumstances of his life that brought him to this place. How do I differentiate my client from every other guy who’s going through the system? That’s what makes it so important, when I’m working with a new client, to get as much background information as I can. I present it to the District Attorney’s office in an effort to work out a favorable resolution to his case.

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