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Defending against white collar crime accusations

New York White Collar Crimes LawyerWith the rise of new technologies and the expansion of government regulations at the city, state and federal levels, many individuals and businesses never involved in the criminal justice system now find themselves under investigation by the District Attorney’s Office, New York Attorney General’s Office, or the United States Attorney’s Office.  These investigations run the gamut of so-called “white collar crime”:

·         Evasion of sales tax

·         Prevailing wage violations

·         Stock fraud

·         Tax fraud

·         Bank fraud

·         Commodities fraud

·         Money laundering

·         Labor law violations

·         Environmental law violations

·         Cyber-crime

·         Labor union corruption

Our clients range from national and international business leaders to small business owners in New York. Their “white collar” cases typically begin with the issuance of a subpoena or search warrant, and can quickly become much more complicated. Lawsuits for alleged white collar criminal activities pose special challenges because a criminal conviction to a successful business can result in the loss of a client’s livelihood. Even the bad press from an ongoing trial, or time taken away from running a business’s day-to-day operations could seriously threaten that business, affecting everyone who works at a business or trades with it.

Our firm takes a multi-faceted approach to representing clients in these cases and will seek a global resolution with respect to the criminal and civil cases so there is finality for the client.  In other words, we do our best to tie up loose ends and ensure that the client won’t face further issues. Our goal is always, in order of priority, to protect our client from going to jail, avoid a felony conviction, and preserve our client’s business.

Over 30 years of business and legal expertise

Aiello & Cannick attorneys possess extensive business as well as legal experience.  Our attorneys’ extensive education, business, and legal backgrounds enable them to adapt to new situations quickly and to view legal entanglements from multiple perspectives. Our collective background in business fosters a solution-oriented approach, and our financial experience encourages sensitivity to each client’s cost constraints and objectives.  Aiello & Cannick is a diverse and talented team dedicated to the delivery of high quality, personalize, and cost effective legal services to individual as well as institutional clients.

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