Obtaining Effective Plea Deals in New York

Watch the following educational legal video by New York Criminal Defense Attorney Deveraux Cannick as he explains how to obtain effective plea deals in New York.

One thing an attorney absolutely must be able to do is assess each case in terms of whether it should be tried or pled out. I don’t think it’s possible to get an effective plea unless you can thoroughly review the evidence with your client and have candid conversations with your client during which you carefully manage their expectations. To make sure your client has realistic expectations, you must help them get to that point by involving them in the process.

As you work toward achieving the best possible plea deal, you must be sure the prosecutor knows you are familiar with all of the evidence and that you know the case well. Even more importantly, you must convey that you’re dealing from a position of strength during every conversation with the prosecutor, letting it be known that you’re not afraid to try the case. Remember – there is no such thing as a perfect case for the prosecutor. No matter how much they believe your case is a ground ball, it’s no such thing. Inevitably, something in their case will go wrong, and they understand the risks associated with going to trial. Let them know you’re ready and well prepared to go to trial.

More often than not, you’re dealing with the same people over and over. As ducks who swim in the same pond, they know your reputation. I’m very proud of the fact that we have such a strong reputation that everyone knows we’re trial attorneys. Along with that reputation comes a great track record, because, when we go to trial we usually do get a great result. On the other hand, why risk going to trial if you believe you can get an outcome in which you and the defendant – the person you’re representing – each get worthwhile results?

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