Personal Injury Case Results

Premises Liability

Mr. Rattoballi represented a two-year old infant who wandered away from his mother and was found face down in the swimming pool. The balusters surrounding the swimming pool were approximately six to eight inches apart, and the state and city code required that they be no more than five inches apart. The infant plaintiff was recovered from the swimming pool and resuscitated by a New York City Police Officer. He suffered brain damage rendering him in a permanent vegetative state. On behalf of the infant plaintiff, Mr. Rattoballi sued the grandfather who owned the property. Mr. Rattoballi settled at trial for $4.6 million dollars. This case was reported on the front page of the New York Law Journal.

Wrongful Death Vehicular Accidents

Mr. Rattoballi represented two sisters who were killed in a motor vehicle accident while passengers in the defendant’s vehicle. Mr. Rattoballi settled the case for the full amount of the insurance proceeds.

In another wrongful death case, Mr. Rattoballi represented the Estates of Paige Malone¬†(20) and Jaime Malone (22) who were killed in a motor vehicle accident while passengers in Jason Mulhall’s vehicle on the Meadowbrook Parkway. They were on their way to work as counselors at the Town of Hempstead Anchor Camp for children with special needs. Mr. Rattoballi settled the case for the full insurance policy limits.

New York Labor Law Case

Mr. Rattoballi represented the plaintiff, a construction worker who fell in an open elevator shaft from the 26th floor to the 25th floor, sustaining back injuries that resulted in surgery and causing his retirement as a construction worker. During the liability phase of the trial, under New York’s Labor Law, Mr. Rattoballi settled the case for $1.2 million dollars.

Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

Mr. Rattoballi represented a client injured in a motor vehicle accident. The plaintiff was caused to have surgery fusing three of the vertebrae in his lumbar back, with insertion of metal bars. Mr. Rattoballi obtained a summary judgment on liability and then settled the case during the damages phase of the trial.

In another case, Mr. Rattoballi was retained by the Allstate Insurance Company to represent the defendant who was involved in a motor vehicle accident causing very serious physical injuries to the plaintiff who was only JO-years old and worked as a telephone company installer. The plaintiff required lower back surgery, fusing two vertebrae, neck surgery, fusing one vertebrae, orthoscopic knee and hip surgery. Mr. Rattoballi was able to successfully negotiate a settlement for his client during the damages phase of the trial.

9/11 Trade Center Death Case

Mr. Rattoballi volunteered to represent Ms. Nelson through Trial Lawyers Care, lnc. Ms. Nelson had lost her daughter during the 9/11 attack at the World Trade Center. Michelle Nelson was employed by Cantor Fitzgerald at the time of her demise. On behalf of Winsome Nelson, Mr. Rattoballi secured a settlement through the Victims Compensation Fund in the amount of $1,050,000.00.