Tips for the First Time Home Buyer in New York

Watch the following educational legal video by New York Real Estate Lawyer Robert Aiello as he provides tips for the first time home buyer in New York.

When you’re buying a home in New York – or anywhere for that matter – it is important to make sure that you’re getting what you bargained for. I always recommend that buyers hire someone to actually go into the house they’re considering and perform a thorough inspection to ensure that it is actually as it is being presented. Today, many home inspection services or engineering services will go into the home and conduct a top to bottom check of the home’s structure and systems, making sure the home is structurally safe, that the roof is in good condition, that there’s no termite damage, and that the plumbing, electric, and all other systems are functioning properly. Because it is essential to be sure that no water is seeping into the basement, I always tell my buyers, “Make sure you go there on a nice day, but make sure you go there during a heavy rain as well.”

As an attorney, I want to make sure my client will be able to close the transaction confidently. In other words, I make sure that, if they’re looking to buy a home, they have the financial wherewithal to cover the down payment and also that they will be able to qualify for and secure the appropriate mortgage.

I make sure any mortgage my client takes on is on a level they can afford. I never want my client to find themselves in a position of having bought a house and then realizing – after the fact – that they can’t afford to make the mortgage payments. I always make sure to discuss everything that’s going to be involved and try to guide them through the mortgage process, giving them informed advice concerning how much money they should put down and a comfortable size mortgage for them to carry in addition to the real estate taxes and other expenses associated with owning a home. That clarity is important for them.

Protecting our clients by ensuring that, at the end of the day, they know what they’re getting is essential. Most of the buyers I’ve represented through their first home purchase find the experience very exciting. My job is to make sure they’re protected, and I’m happy to say we’ve represented many satisfied buyers over the years.

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