Understanding Parenting Time

Watch the following educational legal video on Understanding Parenting Time by experienced New York Divorce & Family Law Attorney Jennifer Arditi.

When it comes to understanding parenting time, it is essential for both parents to accept that each of them is entitled to spend quality parenting time with the child. That means both parents are entitled to spend time with their child – not only during times when schools or work are involved, but when they can actually enjoy spending time with the child. For example, if one parent is off work during the week, that parent should be able to arrange for, or be awarded, quality time during his or her off hours, even though many people may say that, by default, the custodial parent has more time with the child. The courts do consider the fact that, in most circumstances, the Monday through Friday routine is not really quality parenting time. Although this day-to-day schedule is parenting time – because that’s when parents and children deal with the rush of the week, school, homework, and such – it’s nice to know that the courts do consider it important for parents to have some down time with the child so that they can enjoy themselves.

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