Unhappy With Your Parenting Time Order?

Watch the following educational legal video on being unhappy with your parenting time order by experienced New York Divorce & Family Law Attorney Jennifer Arditi.

If you’re unhappy with your parenting time order entered by either Family Court or New York Supreme Court, you’ll need to file a modification petition to seek changes. In order to file a successful modification petition based upon your desire to change a prior order, you must be able to prove that a relevant change in your circumstances has occurred. A change in circumstances could be as simple as a change in your work schedule or your relationship with the child. Sometimes it simply boils down to the child’s age. Your child may have been very young when the order was originally entered. Now that the child is older, he or she may express a desire to spend more time with the other parent, and the requested change would create an environment that is better suited to the child.

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