White Collar Crime Case Results

People v. R.E. (Queens County)

Our client was the Chief Financial Officer of a private company under investigation for embezzling over 16 million dollars and faced with bank fraud and money laundering charges.  Our primary goal was for the case to be prosecuted in State court and not Federal court where the Federal sentencing guideline range was 10-12 years in jail. We successfully negotiated a felony plea in Queens County with a jail sentence of 2-6 years. The plea agreement did not prohibit our client from re-entering the same industry upon his release from jail.  Our client was released from jail after serving 16 months.

USA v. Micropower, et al (SDNY)

Our client was the owner and Executive Vice President of a 6 campus, multi-state not for profit school offering computer courses and English as a second language to foreign and domestic students.  The Government alleged that our client willing allowed students to overstay their student visas in order for the schools to earn more money in violation of the Department of Homeland Security’s Rules and Regulations and unlawfully collected Pell Grant funds from students who were not attending classes as required in order to qualify for government funds.  Our client was charged with Immigration Fraud, Wire Fraud, Theft of Government Funds and Money Laundering.  The Government sought forfeiture of over 20 million dollars and the Federal guideline range was 10-12 years.  As part of a global settlement with all of the defendants, our client and the other defendants agreed to forfeit 7 million dollars.  We successfully argued to the Court for a downward departure from the Federal sentencing guidelines and our motion was granted.  As a result our client was sentenced to 6 months of house arrest and 2 years of supervised release.

USA v. B.R. Ambulance (EDNY)

Our client was the largest ambulance company in New York and transported kidney dialysis patients to and from treatment facilities throughout the five counties via ambulettes and/or ambulances.  The Government alleged with the cooperation of key insider employees that our client knowingly transported patients by ambulance instead of ambulettes in order to seek higher Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements. The Government alleged this scam exceeded 16 million dollars.  The Federal sentencing guideline range was 6-8 years.  We successfully convinced the Court to depart downward from the guideline range over the Government’s objection.  The court sentenced our client to 6 months of house arrest, 5 years of probation and $64,000 in restitution.